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Elgin Chapter 7 Lawyer

Elgin Chapter 7 Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo, the legal team at our firm understands that debt is a growing problem for many individuals and family in Chicagoland suburban communities. As a Elgin Chapter 7 Lawyer, we want to be a helpful and reliable resource that delivers debt solutions for our valued clients looking for assistance near me. There are many households that carry a significant debt load, and many working adults will need to file for bankruptcy at some point during their lifetime. There’s no question that debt is a serious concern. Fortunately, as an Elgin Chapter 7 Lawyer, we provide results that help our clients get a new start and a new outlook for their financial future.

Are your household bills, credit card statements, bills, medical expenses and other overall debts starting to become an insurmountable problem? If so, then Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be an option that you should explore. Elgin Chapter 7 Lawyer Anthony R. Scifo can evaluate your financial situation and help you determine if filing for this type of bankruptcy is the right debt solution for you. This type of bankruptcy serves to liquidate all debts.

If you’re falling far behind on bills and struggling to cover your monthly costs, do not hesitate any longer to call our offices and consult with an Elgin Chapter 7 Lawyer to weight your options. Our knowledgeable staff is available to make and accurate assessment of your debts and provide useful guidance for specifical circumstances.

Our Elgin Chapter 7 Lawyer and support team is standing by to talk with you and offer answers to your questions at 847-628-8311. Alternatively, you may send us an inquiry to schedule your no-obligation, free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer.

Does It Seem Like Debt is Taking Over Your Entire Financial Condition?

Sooner or later, most everyone will face some tough financial challenges. Loss of a job, a costly divorce, sudden medical bills or major repair costs to your home or a vehicle can be all it takes to put someone in financial jeopardy. In Elgin and throughout Kane County, more households than ever may find themselves just one more bill from serious financial risk.

At our law offices – conveniently located in Elgin – we have helped many families find relief from challenges like foreclosure, debt, repossession and wage garnishment so they can stay in their homes and retain their belongings. We treat every client with respect, deliver sound advice for solving debt, answer your inquiries and guide you throughout the Illinois bankruptcy filing process with patience and professionalism. We will always suggest the most complete and lasting solution for your debt problems.

Tired of Calls from Creditors? Talk the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo

Once you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the court will grant you what is known in the legal field as an automatic stay protection. Essentially, this orders the creditors who keep calling your to stop. They will no longer be able to directly contact you and may only try to collect your debts by going through the bankruptcy courts. This type of order halts those persistent phone calls as well as other kinds of collection attempts. Plus, in some situations where a creditor does not comply with the court order, it may be possible to bring legal action against them.

Whatever is causing your financial setbacks and debt problems, it is important that you take immediate action and contact an experienced law firm like ours that has extensive experience helping people just like you. Call the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo today!

Elgin Chapter 7 Lawyer

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