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A guardian serves as a protector. A person who serves as the single contact responsible for the finances, healthcare and personal affairs of a minor or disabled person. In some cases, guardianship is necessary when the person in need of care cannot communicate sufficiently. There a multiple steps in the process of establishing guardianship. For this reason, it’s necessary to retain a guardianship lawyer for the proper set up of this unique legal relationship.

At the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo, we successfully guide the guardianship procedure for minors and disabled adults. In addition, we serve as court appointed counsel for disabled individuals. We also serve as a court approved guardian ad litem in family law and estate matters. To that end, our goal is to protect and improve the quality of life of every client we represent. Frequently, those with concerns regarding fraud, financial exploitation or abuse don’t know where to seek help or to seek justice. Our firm is understanding of this frustration. When it comes to serving our clients, we respond swiftly to improve unfortunate situations.

Helping Clients To Establish Guardianship

From a newborn who loses both parents to an elderly person trapped by dementia, there are many people in need of help. A guardianship can serve to manage the estate of a minor, care for a special needs child or aid adults with disabilities.

To start the process of establishing guardianship, a petition has to file within the child or disabled adult’s county of residence. The court reviews the petition and verifies that it meets the state’s requirements.

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State requirements for a guardian are:

In addition, the court must decide that the person in question needs a guardian. Our guardianship lawyers can help guide you through this process. It can frequently take time and be rather complex.


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How will you manage the challenges of a court proceeding?

Are you aware of what to expect? Having a guardianship lawyer at your side is critical whether you’re requesting a guardian or petitioning to become a guardian.

Illinois law presumes that adults over 18 are able to handle his or her own personal affairs. The court system may appoint a guardian, however, if an individual is disabled on account of:

  • Physical incapacitation.
  • Mental deterioration or mential illness.
  • Developmental disability.

The disability must prevent the individual from communicating or making sound decisions regarding their affairs. The court must deem guardianship necessary for the person’s protection and best interests.

Legal Representation and Other Forms of Protections

While an individual seeking guardianship might do so without the use of a lawyer, legal advice is always beneficial. For example, a lawyer is helpful if the person with a disability opposes guardianship. In addition, legal help can be necessary when complex financial or personal matters are part of the case.

An individual facing a guardianship possesses the right to a court-appointed lawyer and a jury trial. Also, they have the right to request an evaluation from an independent medical source. However, the funds of the person with the disability must pay for the evaluation.

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Guardians ad Litem

Many Illinois counties mandate the appointment of a guardian ad litem. This is typically a lawyer who advises the court regarding the alleged need for a guardian. The state’s Probate Act anticipates the naming of guardians ad litem in each. Even so, some probate courts waive the requirement. It is the responsibility of a guardian ad litem to inform the court of the respondent’s interests. According to the law, the guardian ad litem must be a lawyer or have other relevant qualifications.

The guardian ad litem meets with the respondent to inform him or her regarding the upcoming guardianship processs. After assessing the respondent’s position on the matter, the guardian ad litem writes and submits a report. Additionally, the guardian ad litem testifies about the appropriateness of the guardianship. To learn more about guardian ad litem and guardianship, contact the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo.

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