Family Law Attorney

Family Law Attorney

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When to Contact an Illinois Family Law Attorney in Illinois

Family law is a broad area with several categories that call for the expertise of a lawyer to help you resolve matters when necessary. These different categories often include:

-Divorce. Divorce is among the most common issues for which you’ll need a family law attorney. Following a disagreement that results in separation, you’ll need a lawyer to resolve issues that are suire to follow. These typically will include matters like child custody and support as well as child visitation. Division of marital property and spousal support are also issues that arise in many divorces. To help ensure a divorce proceeding goes as smoothly as possible, it’s essential to retain a lawyer with experience in such matters. If your divorce case does not settle before going to trial, that experience will, of course, be very useful.

-Guardianship. A family law attorney is necessary in the event parents are not able to provide sufficient care for their children. In those situations, a legal guardian makes decisions on issues like finances, medical care and education on the behalf of the children. In addition, a guardianship can be established for the care of an elderly or ill adult person.

-Domestic abuse. In cases involving abusive behaviors, a lawyer can help the person being victimized take precautions necessary to remain safe.

-Adoption. Adopting a child is a selfless, humanitarian action, but it must be done legally. When choosing to adopt, you’ll need a family law attorney to ensure the process of adoption is proceeds lawfully.

-Wills and estate plans. A family law attorney can help you draft a valid will that ensures your wishes will be carried out after you die. Likewise, a lawyer can help with estate planning to ensure distribution of your assets proceeds according to your wishes.