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Chicago Lawyers Handling Estate Claim Litigation

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Probate is a legal process involving the Courts that examines and addresses each aspect of an estate from debts that must be paid to property and asset distribution. It is an extremely detailed process during which additional claims may arise within and outside of the estate.

The Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo is a trusted probate litigation firm serving Chicago, Illinois. Our attorneys have proven experience handling claims for or against an estate. We work to reduce or eliminate unsubstantiated claims and ensure that all rightful heirs and debtors are properly compensated. To achieve this, we use innovative strategies to stay on top of physical and electronic paper trails. In our quest for truth, we are unrelenting. Our clients deserve peace of mind; we fight to secure it.

Skilled Claim Handling and Litigation

Claims may originate from the estate or from an interested party tied to the estate. In some cases, these claims are legitimate and do not bear intense scrutiny. At times, such claims may be false or erroneous. We investigate each claim in order to properly advise our clients on the next steps in the process. We have experience handling:

  • Claims against the estate – such claims may include legitimate debts or bills that must be paid, but may also be fraudulent in nature. It is important to carefully examine the merit of each claim and seek documentation to verify the claim before paying any claims.
  • Claims by the estate to recover property – there may be property or assets that belong to the estate that have been removed for many reasons including Power of Attorney misuse, caregiver financial abuse, financial exploitation, or even a misunderstanding. A Citation to Discover Assets and a Citation to Recover Assets are useful legal tools to begin the process of drawing the missing property back into its rightful place.
  • Claims by beneficiaries to recover property – a beneficiary has the right to pursue property or assets deemed missing from the estate. In these cases, a Citation to Discover and Recover Assets is also a helpful first step.

We offer guidance for executors and trustees in order to protect the estate from fraud and abuse. We also provide claim litigation representation for complex claim matters. Depending on the language and information in the estate plan, a person or entity may have been entitled to hold property on behalf of the estate, but must surrender it after the death of the estate owner. There are many scenarios to consider, but we are able to get to the heart of each matter to uncover intent and fight for what is just.

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