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Is a separation agreement right for me?

A separation is an option for people who are not certain if a divorce is their best solution. Whether you end up divorcing or not, we recommend that you and your spouse sign a Separation Agreement. A legally binding contract, this document simply records your agreements with notarized signatures.

Why consider a separation agreement?

-A separation agreement settles your marriage issues. It provides protection for yourself and for your spouse until you make the decision to divorce. In many instances, separations last a lot longer than couples may anticipate. This is a big reason why it’s so essential for separation agreements to address financial matters, custody and other issues.

-If you proceed with a Divorce Lawyer Carpentersville IL, your separation agreement serves as tool for negotiating a number of issues. When the court issues your decree for divorce, it might refer to terms according to your separation agreement.

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-Tax advantages. If you are submitting payments to your spouse according to terms of a legal separation agreement, those payments may be claimed as a deduction when it comes time to file your taxes.

You can keep some benefits you enjoyed during marriage. For example, if you have coverage under your spouse’s health insurance policy, a legal separation agreement can state that those benefits continue during the separation period.

-State clear limitations with regards to joint banking accounts. Many couples have joint banking accounts. With a legal separation agreement, it can be defined whether or not each spouse will have access to those accounts. It can establish that all the joint accounts are to be closed, and the spouses shall open new accounts in their own names.

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