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Also known as a last will and testament, a will is a way of protecting the best interests of your property and family.


Valid wills enables you to:

-Leave your assets and property to your family or to organizations.
-Name someone to act as guardian to provide care for your children.
-Appoint a person you trust to manage the property you choose to leave to your children.
-Name someone to be an executor, who is the person who carries out the terms of your valid will.

Although there’s no requirement to hire a lawyer to help you draft a will, it can be beneficial to do so.
Without a doubt, there are certain situations where legal assistance is advisable. For example, if there’s a chance someone will contest your will or if you plan to disinherit a spouse.

The requirements for creating a valid will in the state of Illinois are:

To make a will in Illinois, you must be:

-You must be at least 18 years old.
-You must be of sound mind and memory. The majority of people meet this requirement, even if they’re physically unhealthy or tend to be forgetful.
-A will must be a written document. It cannot be on video, audio or digital file.

In order to finalize a will you have to:

-Sign the will in front of at least two witnesses.
-Each witness must sign the will in your presence. A witness cannot be a beneficiary named in the will. If a witness stands to benefit according to a will, he or she could lose their right to any inheritance.

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