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Caregiver Financial Abuse Attorney – As our older relatives age, they may experience lapses in their judgment and understanding. Consequently, they may be at risk of becoming targets of fraud and financial exploitation. People who commit criminal acts against elderly people represent a wide range of relationships. Seniors can fall prey to financial loss at the hands of their relatives, children, friends and medical personnel. Furthermore, they can even be victims of professional caregivers.

At the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo, we respect the value of trust. Caring for loved ones in their advancing years requires a team of caring people to help support their needs. However, it’s often challenging to form a trusted circle of caregivers.

If you suspect that an older loved one is a victim of financial abuse, you can rely on our caregiver financial abuse lawyers for help. We’ll take action to recover their assets and seek justice for the victims.

Signs of Caregiver Financial Abuse

Because of the nature of their job, caregivers can rapidly gain the trust of their clients. This form of relationship can be beneficial for an elderly patient. Although, when bad motivations are at play, it can prove to be very detrimental. If you or an elder person you know is a financial victim of a nursing home, contact our law firm. Likewise if you suspect financial exploitation by an in-home caregiver or assisted living facility. Your elder loved one may be able to claim compensation according to the law.

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Naturally, some signs are not that easy to detect. For example, unusual spending, changes to will or insurance beneficiaries, sudden asset transfers or new credit card accounts. These changes call for an inside look at the handling of the elderly resident’s finances. Contact our law firm if you have suspicions of financial exploitation. We investigate claims of elder financial abuse and pursue accountability.

State laws protect the elderly against financial abuses. As an example, consider the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. It offers a way for people who suffer financial exploitation in care settings to recover their assets. Also, the Adult Protective Services Act protects elderly people against harmful acts too.


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Additional Signs That an Elderly Person May Be Suffering Financial Exploitation

-A sudden decrease in their standard of living. If a relative or friend handles a senior’s finances, be aware of any abrupt decline in the senior’s lifestyle. This may indicate appropriation of funds by the caregiver for their own use. Watch for signs such as the arrival of an eviction notice or utilities being shut off due non-payment.

Additionally, watch for discontinuing trips to the doctor, hairdresser or to recreational activities.

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-A caregiver who objects to spending on behalf of the elderly person’s care. Some seniors worry themselves over the cost of their health care and daily expenses. However, when a caregiver states unreasonable concerns over money spent for the senior’s needs it’s a possible red flag. Also, if a caregiver prevents the purchase of medications, medical treatments or other goods, consider reporting signs of financial abuse.

-New romantic relationships, particularly online. It’s not unusual for online scammers to target elder adults with direct promises of a romantic relationship. Typically scammers pose as a lonely individual in search of an online relationship. They tend to reach out to elderly people via social media or relationship websites. However, the “relationship” rapidly escalates to a request for money. If an elderly person speaks of a new online friend who needs money, it’s a common sign of catfishing. Without a doubt, urge them against sending any money to any person in this fashion.

Financial exploitation is, unfortunately, more prevalent than many people may believe. Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm promptly in the event you’re observing these warning signs.

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