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The death of a loved one brings on a complex mix of emotions. Dealing with the details of their estate in the midst of grief can seem overwhelming. How long will it take? Did they have a will? Are there any unpaid debts? When faced with probate matters, you are likely to have many questions like these along the way. It is important to have a trusted, steady guide to assist your family in such a challenging time.

The Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo is a leading probate and probate litigation firm in Elgin, Illinois. Our probate attorneys are a respected leaders offering skilled handling of complex probate administration matters. We focus on compassionate service, explaining the process along the way so you will know what to expect. Our main goal is to make the probate experience as smooth as possible, despite any challenges that may be present.


What is Probate?

Probate is a legal, court-guided process by which the details of an estate are administered after the death of the estate owner. The probate process is initiated by the executor, who may often be a family member or close friend of the deceased. We can work closely with the executor, administrator, and any estate trustees to help facilitate the activities associated with probate administration.

Having a comprehensive estate plan may bypass the probate process, but in some cases the presence of properly drafted estate plan documents helps probate run more efficiently. In some cases, based on requirements outlined in The Probate Act of 1975 (755 ILCS 5/), estates valued at less than $100,000 may be handled through summary administration instead of a formal probate. In either case, a decedents estate must be handled through a court process in Illinois.

Helping Families Solve Probate Issues in Illinois

During the probate process, the decedents debts are paid and distributions are made. In the absence of a Will or Trust, Illinois has a hierarchical process for determining estate distribution. Such matters require the assistance of a probate litigation lawyer to help sort everything out. In addition to educating beneficiaries on the process, we also provide:

  • Sound guidance to executors and trustees;
  • Representation in the event of a contested estate;
  • Notification to creditors of the decedent for any debts that must be paid;
  • Collaboration with financial professionals to minimize tax liability, when possible;
  • Tracking down debtors of the estate and recovering payment; and
  • Defense against false or frivolous claims against the estate.

We have success working with families of various socioeconomic backgrounds and high net worth estates. Our probate litigation staff is especially adept at handling extremely contentious circumstances. We will work diligently to protect the estate of your loved one.

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