Establishing Guardianship in Illinois

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Establishing Guardianship of a Child in Illinois

Establishing Guardianship

It’s typically only parents who possess the authority to make important decisions about the welfare of their children. However, there are situations when a parent is unable or won’t make those decisions. When this occurs, a person who isn’t a parent can act as legal guardian for the children. Like a parent would do, the guardian makes decisions on matters like education and medical care. It’s not a requirement for the guardian to be a relative.

Eligibility requirements to become a guardian in the state of Illinois include:

-The guardianship applicant must be at least eighteen and a legal resident of the USA.
-Be of sound mind and not have a legal disability.
-No record of a felony conviction involving threat or harm to a child.
-If the applicant is blind, that condition on its own cannot prevent them from acting as a guardianship.

Establishing Guardianship of an Adult in Illinois

Applying for guardianship of an Illinois involves completing multiple forms and filing the forms in court. First, this requires gathering information including:

-An estimation of the full value of the adult’s assets. This can include vehicles or bank accounts, for instance.
-A listing of any type of real estate the adult owns and its value, particularly if the property is for sale.
-The adult’s annual income, such as social security, pensions, disability and wages.
-A listing of the adult’s nearest living relatives, like children, siblings or parents.
Physician’s report that is no greater than three months old. The report should specify that guardianship is necessary because the person is unable to make financial or medical decisions.
-Forms for adult guardianship can differ depending upon which county you file in. Talk with a lawyer experienced in guardianship procedures in Illinois at 847-628-8311.