Divorce Lawyer Barrington

Divorce Lawyer Barrington

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If you are thinking about divorce, you’re not alone. Indeed, statistics reveal that about 55 percent of first marriages in the USA end in divorce. For second marriages and up, that figure jumps to about 70 percent. To get an approximate sense of what you might experience in the divorce process, take the time to get a fundamental understanding of what’s involved. Certainly, preparation makes the whole process less stressful.

Please bear in mind that if your relationship with your spouse is relatively amicable it decreases the emotional and financial challenges that occur when ending a marriage.

For those who have already retained the services of a Divorce Lawyer Barrington IL and been through the procedure, that experience will help you anticipate what will occur as it moves along.

Talk with a Divorce Lawyer Barrington IL and learn more about how to proceed if you are considering divorce.

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A few terms regarding Divorce Lawyer Barrington to know are:

-Petitioner. This is the spouse who starts the divorce filing procedure with the court.

-Respondent. This is the spouse who doesn’t file the first papers. Instead, it’s the respondent who receives the papers.

-The court. Your divorce papers are filed in your county’s judicial district court, and the court assigns a case number. Furthermore, the court has jurisdictional rights to grant the orders regarding issues like property division, debt division and child custody. The state of Illinois is an “equitable distribution” state. That means property is to be divided in an equitable, fair manner. In addition, courts typically encourage that spouses try to come to a settlement on their property and debt issues. However, if a settlement can’t be achieved, courts decide how to distribute property.

Besides our expertise in divorce, we also represent clients in probate, estate planning and other family law issues.