Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Do you have a loved one in a nursing home facility in Illinois and you suspect he or she may be suffering abuse? The nursing home abuse lawyers at our firm appreciate your difficult situation. Our staff is dedicated to holding facilities accountable under state law. We’ll fight to help you win compensation for your loss.

If your family member suffered harm or died as a consequence of negligent behaviors at a nursing home, we can take legal action for injuries or a wrongful death claim. The Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo can help you gain closure for your case. Contact our offices today for a free consultation about your family’s legal rights and allow us to start working on your behalf. You’ll need prompt action in order to help your elderly family member recover from the trauma of nursing home abuse or neglect.

Our lawyers are available to provide you with free consultation regarding the specifics of your case. After our consultation, you’ll able to make an informed, sound decision about your legal options.

Some of the most common warning signs of an elderly person suffering abuse or neglect at a nursing home facility:

-A state of agitation, withdrawn, non-communicative behavior.
-Fractures, falls or head injuries.
-Infections and malnutrition.
-Episodes of wandering off.
-Bed sores.
-Abrupt weight loss.
-Hesitate to talk in the presence of nursing home staff.
-Unexplained death of the nursing home resident.
-Unsanitary conditions, unkempt appearance.
-Unexplained wounds, cuts or bruising.
-A sudden change in behavior.
-A fear of physical contact.
-The nusing home resident suffers from frequently illnesses. Facility staff does not promptly report the illness to family members and the resident’s physician.

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