Wills and Trusts Lawyer

Wills and Trusts Lawyer

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The main purpose of creating a will and setting up a trust is to ensure that care and distribution of property proceeds according to the deceased’s wishes. But unfortunately, sometimes problems come up during probate or administration of the trust. Litigation in some cases can be the most effective means of protecting a trust or estate and ensuring fulfillment of the creator’s intentions.

It’s important to seek legal counsel if you have concerns about the management of an estate or doubt that a will is valid. Also, contact a lawyer if you suspect inappropriate activities by a trustee or executor. Similarly, if you’re a trustee or executor facing accusations of wrongdoing or a contest to a will’s validity, call a lawyer for guidance.

Some types of litigation over wills and trusts are subject to rigid time limits. Postponing action if you suspect misappropriation risks losing assets forever. That’s why it’s essential to get the legal advice you’ll need as soon as you can. A Wills and Trusts Lawyer experienced in the practice area of wills and trusts litigation like will help you gain an understanding of your rights so you’ll make sound decisions moving forward.

Will contests generally are the most common probate litigation. There are still other issues, though, that result in probate litigation like:

-Breach of fiduciary duties to the trust’s beneficiaries.
-Mismanagement of the trust or estate.
-Failure to sufficiently carry out the statutory responsibilities of an executor. For example, failure to file taxes on the estate’s behalf.
-Failure to perform the duties of a trustee according to the trust document.
-Misappropriating assets from an estate or trust.

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