What's the Quickest a Divorce Can Happen?

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What’s the Quickest a Divorce Can Happen?

Illinois divorce laws require that you must be a resident of the state for a minimum of 90 days. Illinois is what’s known as a “no fault” state. It means you can file for divorce on grounds of irretrievable breakdown or following a legal separation of a minimum of two years.

What’s the Quickest a Divorce Can Happen? The process of filing for a divorce can differ from one county to the next. After submitting a petition for dissolution of your marriage to the appropriate circuit court, you’ll receive a case number from the clerk’s office along with the name of which judge shall be assigned to the case. The next step is when the sheriff’s office serves your spouse with a summons. This may take two or three weeks.

Your spouse has thirty days to state if the divorce is uncontested or contested. In the event your spouse doesn’t respond, your Elgin divorce lawyer can request the court to assign a date that both parties must appear.

This step may take another month or so. However, if your spouse doesn’t appear on the date of the hearing, the judge in some situations might issue a default and award you a divorce.

The speediest way of getting a divorce in the state of Illinois is to seek an uncontested proceeding. Naturally, though, the challenge is this requires the spouses to reach agreement on the major issues between them.