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When families entrust the care of their elderly relatives to an assisted living facility or to a nursing home, they expect that the staff will provide dependable, professional care. We all want our loved ones to have their needs for medical care and basic safety fulfilled in a caring environment. For a lot of families, nursing homes present a good option for professional, long term care. In some cases, though, facilities do not meet an acceptable standard of care.

In the event your elderly loved one has experienced abuse or neglect at a nursing home or assisted living facility, you might be able to seek a legal remedy. The St. Charles Nursing Home Lawyer at our firm has the experience to assist you in obtaining justice. Our clients choose our law firm for their elderly person abuse claims because of our compassion and expertise in these matters.

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Our legal team has experience in the practice of personal injury and elder law, which includes elder abuse. We’re experts in litigation procedures and can help steer you towards a fair settlement – while answering all your questions and keeping your family informed along the way. Our St. Charles Nursing Home Lawyer offices has the resources and background needed to perform an investigation into all relevant aspects of an elder abuse case. We can evaluate security footage, medical documents and perform interviews to obtain evidence that might otherwise not be accessible. Our staff understands that elder abuse cases can be a traumatic experience for all involved. It’s our policy to apply compassion and open lines of communication our St. Charles Nursing Home Lawyer clients from our first meeting together all the way to the final settlement.

Neglect and abusive behavior is a concern that affects the safety and health of elderly people throughout Illinois. Millions of elders place their trust and their well-being with nursing homes across the state. Elder abuse at such facilities, though, can sometimes be tough to identify and to prosecute.

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Many abusers attempt to conceal an elderly individual’s injuries from supervisors and the victim’s families. They may also attempt to intimidate the elderly victim into remaining quiet. In the event an elderly person is afflicted with a neurological condition such as dementia, they may be unable to alert a relative or a caregiver about the abuse they are suffering. Consequently, there are cases of abuse that go undetected.

There are lots of nursing homes that are professionally operated, safe facilities. Abusive behaviors in some facilities, however, is a prevalent issue. Understanding the warning signs of nursing home abuse or neglect can help identify if your elderly relative is being harmed and enable you to find assistance from a St. Charles Nursing Home Lawyer.

When it comes to cases of elderly abuse in nursing homes, there are five general categories: neglect/abandonment, sexual abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse and emotional abuse.*

The most commonly reported tends to be financial abuse. This happens when a caregiver steals or wrongly distributes an elderly person’s money or other assets. Examples would include theft, improper use of guardianship or forgery.

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Physical abuse relates to force that causes pain, injury, distress or illness to an elderly individual. This may include slapping, kicking, choking, shaking or basically any action that causes pain.

Emotional abuse is a common – though frequently unreported – type of nursing facility abuse. This refers to verbal or nonverbal actions that cause fear or mental distress to an elderly victim. Exerting control over an elderly victim’s access to their resources, isolating from family or friends or making threats are examples of emotional abuse.

Abandonment or neglect refers to the failure of a caregiver to give required care to an elderly individual. This form of abusive behavior may include failure to safeguard the elderly victim from harm or failure to provide fundamental necessities like medicine, water, food and hygiene. A caregiver also can abandon an elderly victim within the nursing facility or in a public location.

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Sexual abuse entails any sort of forced contact of a sexual nature between a caregiver and an elderly person. This form of abusive behavior also happens in some cases where the elderly person is incapacitated or otherwise unable to give consent. Unwanted contact, attempted sexual assault and penetration are all a form of sexually abusive behaviors.

Sadly, indications of neglect and elderly abuse in Illinois can sometimes go undetected for long periods of time. An abusive or neglectful caregiver can restrict access to an older person or even conceal injuries before the victim’s family visits. An elderly victim might simply not have the ability to alert their family about what is happening or they may feel too embarrassed to do so.

There are, however, some typical signs to watch for that could indicate an elderly person is being abused or neglected such as: unkempt appearance, bed sores, broken bones, bruises, cuts, emotional outbursts, dehydration, overly dry skin, rapid breathing, fatigue, mood swings, sudden weight loss, poor hygiene, soiled clothes, refusal to speak or take medications and sudden missing funds or possessions.

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Some types of elderly abuse in a nursing home – like financial or sexual abuse – are often hard to detect. If you have an elderly relative who informs you that they are being abused, seek assistance from a St. Charles Nursing Home Lawyer as soon as possible. Also, if you are seeing any signs of abuse we have listed here, report it to the facility’s supervisor or call the police for help.

With the exception of a nursing home that may have an active arbitration agreement in position that restricts the right to file a lawsuit, you may file a legal claim against a facility for elderly abuse through Illinois civil court. In the event that a facility does have an arbitration agreement, you’ll have to obtain a copy of the documents and bring them to your St. Charles Nursing Home Lawyer who can recommend potential legal options.

You may be able to file a legal claim on behalf of your elderly relative if you’re their legal guardian or serving as the personal representative of their estate. It’s also advisable to take your elderly relative to a free and informative consultation with a St. Charles Nursing Home Lawyer to learn more about their legal options.

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In order to file a legal claim against a nursing home for negligence, the following elements must be shown:

-that the facility had the legal duty to provide consistent care for your elderly relative.

-that the facility did not uphold its responsibility to give care to your elderly relative.

-the nursing home’s failure to provide care resulted in your elderly relative’s injuries.

Do you have an elderly relative who has suffered abuse at a nursing home facility? The Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo can help – call our offices today and speak with a St. Charles Nursing Home Lawyer at 847-628-8311.

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