Special Needs Trust

Special Needs Trust

Special Needs Trust – All parents, ideally, should develop an estate plan that provides financial protection for their children. However, for parents of children who have special needs because of a disability, sound estate planning is critical. Special needs estate planning entails a wide assortment of legal and finance issues for such families. Some of these can include drafting of additional trusts and establishing eligibility for governmental benefits. Assisting family members to become legal guardians is another issue in these cases. Furthermore, effective special needs planning takes a detailed expertise in the variety of disabilities that can have an effect on how and if a special needs individual can live independently.

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Our law firm is experienced in helping families ensure that that a special needs child has a legal advocate. Also, we can assist legal guardians to make the most efficient use of assets held for an individual who will need support for a lifetime.

This area of our practice includes services such as:

-Drafting of supplemental, special needs trusts and development of estate plans for those with special needs.

-Assistance for individuals with disabilities and their legal advocates with applications and continued eligibility for programs like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income.

-Representation for clients in court to set up special needs trusts.

-Counsel for relatives looking at guardianship options.

-Advice for individual or corporate trustees of special needs trusts who manage funds. Also, prepare and review yearly trust accountings for compliance with governmental program rules.

-Represent our clients in administrative hearings before state of Illinois and federal agencies with respect to eligibility for government program benefits.

If you are the parent of a special needs child, choose our firm to be your advocate. Our firm has the expertise require to create a special needs trust that will serve the best interests of your child and other family members.