Revocation of a Will

Revocation of a Will

Revocation of a Will – Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo

If you are thinking about changing your will, or if you believe someone may contest it, talk to an experienced probate lawyer. Certainly, legal advice helps eliminate confusion and restores your peace of mind. If you have an interest in talking about your will and the changes you have in mind, call our firm today.

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Why Wills Are Revoked

Because circumstances can change at any time for anyone, it’s always smart to have a will in place. A will instructs what happens to your property and assets in the event of your death. However, the unpredictability of life sometimes requires a change to your will. For relatively minor changes, simple modifications will typically suffice. But in other cases, it’s best to revoke a will and start anew. For example, those situations may include:

-Death of a spouse.


-A move to a new state where new state laws apply.

-Your family expands with the birth of a new child or new grandchild.

-Your beneficiaries are adults and no longer require the instructions in your current will.

-You no longer own the same portion of the estate.

-Changes in your estate’s value.

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The process of revoking a will can range from relatively simple to rather complex. An important step is to give notice to all those your will affects that a change has been made and that new terms are in place. Furthermore, a good way to nullify an original will is to simply create a replacement and state that it is the newest version.

In addition, other ways to revoke a will are:

-Destroy the original copy

-Attach a new version of the will to the original one. This is known as a “codicil.”

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