Power of Attorney Misuse in Illinois

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Power of Attorney Misuse in Illinois

Power of Attorney Misuse in Illinois

A power of attorney enables an individual to name a representative to manage their financial matters and property in the event they’re not able to themselves. At one time or another, practically everyone will eventually need someone with power of attorney to act as their representative. However, it can be difficult to understand what power of attorney involves and which type you’ll need. That’s why it is always beneficial to discuss a power of attorney appointment with a lawyer who has experience in that practice area.

Cases of Power of Attorney Misuse in Illinois

Power of attorney abuses refer to the legal that a person with power of attorney is not doing it in the best interests of the principal. In many situations, a power of attorney abuse case will be part of financial abuse of an elderly person.

Examples of power of attorney misuse may include:

-Breach of fiduciary duties.

It is possible to contest power of attorney. If you see signs that the person who has power of attorney for your financial affairs or those of a loved one, contact our law firm.

Certainly, it’s important to selecting some you trust to serve your best interests when granting power of attorney. It’s also beneficial to select another agent as a backup in the event the named power of attorney isn’t able to carry out their responsibilities.

There are many types of power of attorney. Each one grants the named person the capacity to make decisions for the principal. Two typical provisions are for springing power of attorney and durable power of attorney. Springing power of attorney takes effect if the principal suffers incapacitation according to the documentation of at least two physicians. Durable power takes effect immediately. Contact us today for Power of Attorney Misuse in Illinois