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The power of attorney in the state of Illinois provides another individual with the ability to make decisions. For example, these decisions can be regarding health care or your finances. The agent you select acts on your behalf if you’re incapacitated or can’t make decisions on your own. Power of attorney can be in effect indefinitely or for a specific time period.

Power of Attorney is role that holds significant influence that if mishandled can cause serious financial problems. Without a doubt, the person who designates power of attorney must select an individual who will act consistently in their best interest. However, in some cases, a dishonest individual will use that authority only to benefit themselves. Some of the common signs of power of attorney misuse are:

-No communication with the principal or the principal’s family.

-Sudden transfers of finances or property.

-Trouble getting relevant information on financial transactions from the agent.

-Lack of resources to keep up the principal’s medical care and living arrangements.

The most effective ways to steer clear of these situations is to select someone you trust completely. Generally, avoid granting power of attorney to caregivers, distant relatives or acquaintances. Additionally, create a trustworthy network that can monitor the actions of whom you select as agent.

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Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo – Power of Attorney Elgin – 847-628-8311