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Oswego Mediation Lawyer

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Mediation and Divorce in the State of Illinois – Oswego Mediation Lawyer

There are actions a couple may take to try and avoid divorce. The state of Illinois provides the option of no-fault separation for those couples who wish to live separately. This permits couples to remain legally married while living apart from one another. If a couple decides to pursue this option, they may remain legally separated permanently. Or, they may choose to divorce later or end the separation and live together again. Therapists can help couples in a private setting as a way of addressing their problems while living apart. This provides a way for couples to talk about their disputes and receive guidance to help resolve them.

Conventional Divorce in the State of Illinois

A litigated divorce is typically the most common type of separation. Divorce enters litigation when one or both spouses legally contest it. Divorce frequently winds up in litigation because most divorce proceedings tend to be rather one-sided. For example, when one spouse wants to move forward with the divorce and the other spouse doesn’t. If you’re separating and it looks as though you and your spouse will not reach an agreeable settlement, court might be your sole option. Prior to filing a lawsuit though, it’s a smart strategy to retain the services of an Oswego Mediation Lawyer.

Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo – Oswego Mediation Lawyer – Consultation at 847-628-8311

If you have an interest in separating and would like to avoid a conventional divorce proceeding, take a look at the following alternatives:

Collaborative Divorce

This is a type of divorce in which a lawyer represents each spouse during the separation process. The spouses receive legal advice to protect their interests as the divorce procedure moves along. The lawyers typically conduct most of the discussions, with the meetings focused on resolving disputes and reaching agreements instead of fighting over money, assets and property. In a collaborative divorce, it is important for each spouse to be honest and straightforward with their lawyer because to do otherwise can impact the results and prolong the whole process.

To learn more about collaborative divorce and if it may be the right option for you, call our firm and speak with an Oswego Mediation Lawyer.

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce can become a quite complicated process and though many spouses believe they can accomplish it on their own, a “do-it-yourself divorce” can result in unnecessary costs and stress along with results that one or each spouse may regret down the road. Without an Oswego Mediation Lawyer, expensive errors can easily happen. In some situations a DIY divorce can be a convenient way to end a marriage quickly and at relatively low cost. Still, it is highly recommended to consult with a lawyer for review of your documents before you file for the divorce.

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Oswego Mediation Lawyer

Mediation takes place when divorcing spouses hire a neutral mediation expert to oversee the assets of each party. The mediator is very helpful for going through discussions in an environment of mutual respect. Mediation can be a good option for spouses who wish to withdraw from some of the decisions to be made when a marriage is ending but who also wish to prevent high costs that could result from other options. Mediation also is beneficial for many couples because it is not considered to be a matter of official public record and remains private.

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