Nursing Home Care Act

Nursing Home Care Act

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The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

The general purpose of this law is to grant each resident of nursing homes the right to remain free of neglect and abuse. However, there can me multiple different forms of neglect and abuse. To that end, the Nursing Home Care Act serves to establish additional rights and protections. Some of these include the resident right to:

-Manage their own financial matters. Also, the right to give permission if the facility requests spending money on behalf of the resident.
-Wear their own clothing, use their own property in their residential quarters. (With the exception of a prohibitive health reason.)
-Wear clothes that fit correctly and to have access to sufficient storage that is secure for their belongings.
-Use their own doctor and access their medical records.

Participate in medical care and the right to decline treatment if able.

-A rescreening if admitted to a care facility for mental illness.
-Have privacy and respect at a medical care or nursing home facility.
-To not receive any drugs that are not necessary.
-Be free from restraints, either physical or chemical.
-Have visitors and to communicate privately.
-See a social worker or lawyer when the purpose of a visit is to advise the resident of their rights.
-Be discharged from the facility upon request.
-Present any grievances.

If you suspect a loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, contact our law firm to speak with an elder law attorney.