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Receiving divorce papers or filing for a divorce can be an emotionally difficult experience. Divorcing couples must make a lot of decisions during the process, particularly when they have a child together. If the spouses are able to cooperate effectively with one another, however, the process can move along more easily. This is typically done through mediation.

Mediation – Anthony Scifo Attorney


Divorce mediation can be a good option if spouses are open to compromising on issues that need to resolution. The benefits to mediation for divorcing spouse include:

-Puts the best interest of children first. Divorce can have a significant impact on children. The mediator’s purpose is to weigh the needs of everyone involved and provide input on the decisions that impact them. Although the spouses are dissolving their marital relationship, they will always be the parents of their children. Mediation helps divorcing spouses learn how to cooperate as co-parents.

-Less expensive. The bills relating to a divorce can escalate rapidly. Litigation matters in court, for instance, can result in significant fees. By working with a mediator, couples can avoid unnecessarily high costs and finish the procedure more efficiently.

-Less emotional stress. While mediation can still be a challenge, the mediator helps divorcing spouses work through their disputes. This helps to minimize stress and move discussions forward toward a resolution.

-Matters you discuss in mediation are confidential. Your privacy is valuable, which is why the issues you talk about in mediation remain confidential and not accessible by outside parties. Divorcing spouses are able to talk openly about their disputes during mediation without concerns the information will be made public.

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