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Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL

Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL

Why Use a Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL?

Mediation, for many couples who choose to divorce, can be an effective alternative to resolving disputes. However, it is essential that you select a mediator with the right experience so you’ll have the best chances of succeeding with the process. Spouses who are in a dispute can benefit the most by working with a mediator who has an extensive background mediating for other spouses in comparable situations.

It’s not a requirement in the state of Illinois for a mediator to also be a lawyer.
They may have, for instance, a background in business, mental health, counseling or other type of field. While a non-lawyer mediator may have the appropriate training and certifications, there are specific benefits to working with a mediator who also is a legal professional.

A Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL has legal expertise in representing their clients in court, which provides them with an understanding of the main issues involved and the common disputes that must be addressed to reach a satisfactory resolution.

Another benefit to using a Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL is their training in court procedures and the ways that a court may rule on any given issue. This provides clients with a better awareness of the risks they might assume if their case proceeds to litigation. That is often enough motivation for divorcing spouses to successfully settle the issues between them through mediation. Plus, a Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL can help the parties draft a legally enforceable agreement that is comprehensive and addresses all the matters that were agreed on.

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Growing in popularity with many couples going through a divorce, mediation is

way of resolving disputes that allows the parties to work through their disagreements in a cooperative environment instead of a combative one.

During the mediation sessions, each party seeks to settle their disputes with the guidance of a mediator. While it’s the mediator who controls the procedure, it’s the parties who control the results. Because mediation can usually finish more promptly than conventional litigation, it saves the parties money and time.

At the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo, we are dedicated to providing the most effective legal solutions that serve the best interests of our clients. In many situations, mediation is able to deliver resolutions that satisfies all parties involved. Attorney Anthony Scifo is a certified, trained mediator with years of experience helping our clients to mediate their disputes. He works with clients in order to develop workable and practical solutions that enable the parties to move past their disagreements and move ahead with the rest of their lives.

Talk to a Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL for a broad range of legal issues, including:

-Divorce mediating.
-Mediation for issues like child custody and parental time.
-Family law matters.
-Mediation for disputes over trusts and estates.
-Business disputes.

Voluntary or Court-Ordered Mediation

Parties can initiate mediation to work through a legal disagreement prior to or after filing a case, which is voluntary mediation. On the other hand, the court might require it in some situations – which is the court-ordered variety. Some of the main differences among the two are:

-Voluntary mediation. During any point in legal proceedings, the parties can decide to start mediation. Typically, this occurs before filing the case in court. Parties that consent to voluntary mediations can choose their own Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL. Each side must agree on any settlement. Voluntary mediation can be effective for disputes where the parties are open to working together and wish to avoid the expense of litigation.

-Court-Ordered. After filing a case, a court might order the divorcing parties to begin attending mediation. As an example, if divorcing spouses are not able to come to an agreement on parenting plans, the court might then order them to try mediation. Either the court will choose a mediator or the spouses might select one themselves, depending upon which county they filed their case in. Although a court-ordered mediation might be mandatory, each side must still be in agreement on the issues between them to reach a settlement. When the parties cannot achieve a settlement, they may choose to resume mediating or proceed to litigation.

The Keys to Succeeding with Mediation

It can be challenging to know when to attempt mediation. Generally, the optimal situation is when the chances of success are good. Here are a few of the essential factors to successful mediations:

-Entering the sessions in good faith. Naturally, it’s essential for each party to go into the process with the intention of being reasonable and doing whatever is necessary to come to a lasting resolution. They have to be willing to conduct negotiations in good faith.

-Willing to listen. As part of the mediation process, both sides have an opportunity to present their viewpoints. It’s critical to start the process with an open mindedness and a willingness to listen and gain an understanding of the other side’s point of view. This makes it possible to recognize issues where there can be compromise.

-Flexible. Parties going through mediation must be open to compromises and understand that they’re not going to obtain every demand they want. Instead, they must initiate the process with expectations that are practical.

-Preparation. It is important for the parties to be thoroughly prepared prior to starting mediation with a sufficient understanding of what’s at issue, what’s going to be discussed and an idea of to resolve their disputes.
-The right Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL. The mediator’s role is critical for identifying the main issues and navigating the parties toward a workable resolution. It’s in the best interests of both parties to select a mediator with expertise in family law and a history of helping people reach the best possible settlements.

When Mediation Might Not Be Feasible

In most situations, there is not much to lose by attempting mediation. When it is successful, it is frequently able to save divorcing parties a lot of financial and mental stress by avoiding the need to litigate. If mediation does not work, they could still take their disputes to court.

There are some situations, however, where mediation may not be the appropriate option, such as:

-When there’s a history of psychological or physical abusiveness.
-A history of drug or alcohol abuse or mental illness.
-When one of the parties takes an order of protection out against the other party.
-One party has no interest in resolving the issues.

Without question, the process of divorce can take a significant financial and emotional toll on not just spouses but their children, too. For couples that are open to working together through the dissolution of their marriage, however, mediation offers a way to limit costs and peaceably resolve their disagreements. Still, the process isn’t always appropriate for everyone. To learn more and determine if it’s right for your situation, speak with a Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL.

At the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo, we are committed to helping our valued clients achieve the most cost-efficient and effective ways of resolving their legal matters. Our Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL services present a realistic option for a lot of divorcing spouses.

Here’s a look at some of the issues that divorce mediation can help resolve.

Mediation is able to address most any issue that can arise during the process of divorce, including:

-Parenting plans and child custody. Allocating parental obligations, establishing a parenting schedule, relocation matters and other issues that relate to child care.

-Division of assets. A Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL can help spouses determine how to divide the assets they’ve accumulated during the marriage along with other issues like tax implications and settling debts.

-Spousal maintenance. Mediation can address whether to award maintenance to one of the spouses, what the amount shall be, for how long it will be paid and other conditions.

Advantages of working with a Mediation Lawyer South Elgin IL for your divorce:

-Stays confidential. Mediated divorces remain private and fully confidential. They do not appear in public court records.
-Flexibility. Parties have far more control over the mediation process, which allows them to find creative and realistic solutions to suit their needs.
-Reach amicable resolutions. Divorce mediating takes place in a cooperative environment instead of a contentious one, which enables the participants to coordinate together for more peaceful solutions.
-Better for the children. Divorce can be difficult on children, particularly when they are very young. But it is much less difficult when the parents commit to working together to settle the differences between them.
-A higher rate of compliance. Mediation enables the participants to form their own agreements, and since they play a big role in creating a resolution there is a better chance they will both comply with the terms.

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