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Kendall County Wills Lawyer

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The Basics of a Will

A will is a legal document in which the person who creates it – known as the “testator” – states their wishes. Typically, they describe division of their property and distribution of their assets upon their death. In addition, a will states who oversees the distribution and who serves as guardian of the deceased’s children. A will usually appoints an executor who handles the estate until distribution finalizes and who performs the deceased’s wishes. Wills are very important to have because they enable you to express what you want clearly.

A will typically covers four main points:

-Designates an executor to carry out the will’s provisions.

-Designates the estate’s beneficiaries or those who shall inherit assets.

-Directions for how to divide assets.

-Designate a guardian or guardians for minor children.

For a will to be legally valid its creator must be at least 18 years of age. Also, the testator must sign the will in the presence of at least two witnesses. Both witnesses also must sign the will for it to be valid.

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Reliable Guidance for Executors and Trustees in Probate

It’s important to have an experienced lawyer with an understanding of probate at your side throughout the administration phase. At the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo, we believe in maintaining open communication with our clients. Our dependable services makes our law firm a wise choice among probate lawyers in Illinois. We assist and advise trustees, beneficiaries and executors to form a practical familiarity with the state’s probate procedures.

Kendall County Wills Lawyer – Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo – 847-628-8311

The court system guides the probate process. Basically, it’s what happens following the death of a person. During the probate process, the estate settles debts and notifies creditors. Also, the deceased’s beneficiaries receive remaining assets and properties.

If someone challenges the distribution of assets and properties the court assesses that claim based on evidence. Next, the court either disregards or honors the challenge.

Knowing the Relevant Issues of Wills or Trusts

The executor of a will is the person who manages each aspect of the deceased’s estate. Being an executor is an important role that can often call for the assistance of a Kendall County Wills Lawyer. Our law firm provides legal guidance for executors for:

-Allocation and management of assets.

-Management of debts and expenses

-Proper execution of a trust or will.

-Distribution of funds.

-Correct procedures for estate closures.

Guidance on the Responsibilities to Trustees

A trustee of an estate essentially helps to manage its assets. Trustees are responsible for tax and legal matters in relation to a trust. Additionally, a trustee ensures distribution of the trust’s assets according to an estate’s plan. A few of the most common trustee responsibilities are:

-Administering assets in accordance to the terms set by the trust.

-Assure that the trust’s assets aren’t at risk.

-Responsible for tax filings that are timely and accurate.

-Maintain the trust’s important documents.

-Communicate with the trust’s beneficiaries.

Kendall County Wills Lawyer – Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo – 847-628-8311

If you are a trustee, an executor or the beneficiary of an estate and need legal assistance with probate our firm is here for you.

Trust Litigation and Contested Wills

The death of a spouse, family member or loved one can naturally be a very difficult time emotionally. It can also be challenging with respect to the properties and assets the deceased person leaves behind. Even when the deceased does have a will in position, there might still be some questions to resolve. In the event you are considering possibly contesting a will or contesting a trust you’ll want to consult with our law firm. The Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo has many years of experience in the legal realm of contested wills and claims litigation. Additionally, we successfully handle cases of power of attorney misuse and caregiver financial abuse.

Kendall County Wills Lawyer for Contested Wills and Trusts

A thorough estate plan usually features a will and a trust established for a specific purpose. For instance, a special needs trust serves to care for someone with a disability. In general, these types of documents are binding. But there are situations in which they can be subject to challenge. A will may be contested for reasons such as:

-An abrupt change to a will’s terms or to a trust just before the estate owner’s death.

-Information that indicates the owner was pressured to change their will or trust.

-Alterations that might have been forged or conducted fraudulently.

-In the event the estate’s owner was mentally unstable or incompetent at any point in the planning procedure.

Kendall County Wills Lawyer – Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo – 847-628-8311

These are just a few examples that give cause to contest the terms of a will. Our law practice represents people who are positioned to inherit from an estate as well as people who have reason to suspect they have been unlawfully excluded. If you have questions regarding a will or a trust we’re here to help get the relevant answers you’re seeking. Speak with a Kendall County Wills Lawyer at 847-628-8311 for confidential and free consultation.

Kendall County Wills Lawyer for Claims Litigation – the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo

Probate is a process involving the state’s court system. From debts that are still owed to the division of property and assets, the probate process entails the assessment of each part of an estate. It’s a very detailed process, and as it is ongoing it is possible for additional claims to develop. Our firm has proven experience in successfully handling these sorts of claims.

Our objective is to lessen or do away with claims that are unsubstantiated to ensure that an estate’s heirs and debtors are compensated accurately. We employ sound strategies to locate current physical and digital paperwork trails. Simply stated, we seek justice for our clients. Claims litigation can get their start from an estate or from someone who is associated with it. These claims can be legitimate or in other instances they may not be legitimate. Our Kendall County Wills Lawyer practice evaluates every claim to enable us to provide our clients with practical advice on how they should proceed.

Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo – 847-628-8311

Our claims litigation experience includes:

-Claims by an estate with the purpose of recovering property.

-Claims against an estate. It’s imperative to look carefully at the merits of a claim and seek confirmation before authorizing payment.

-A beneficiary makes a claim for the recovery of assets. A beneficiary has the right to seek assets or property from the estate that is declared to be missing.

-We offer guidance for the executors and trustees of an estate to protect it against fraud. Additionally, we perform claims litigation for complex claims-related matters.