How to Get a Divorce Immediately in Illinois

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How to Get a Divorce Immediately in Illinois

A divorce is considered “contested” when one spouse may simply not agree to seeking a divorce. Or, when there is disagreement between the spouses over key matters such as where their children shall stay or how to divide their assets and property. Before you’re able to file for a divorce, one of the spouses must have resided in Illinois for at least 90 days. For couples who have minor age children, the residency requirement is a minimum of six months.

How to Get a Divorce Immediately in Illinois? – In cases of a contested divorce proceeding, the waiting period can be as long as six months. Still, even if one of the spouses doesn’t agree to ending the marriage or to issues such as child custody or division of property, it does not necessarily mean the process can’t begin.

In addition, if your spouse is not present when you file for a divorce, you will need to serve the divorce papers to him or her. This process may take up to several weeks. After the papers are served, your spouse will have 30 days in which to respond. In cases where a spouse will not respond or cannot be located, the divorce proceeds as uncontested.

In general, the process of obtaining a divorce can be relatively fast as long as you and your spouse are in agreement on the major aspects. Naturally, more disagreements in a case will cause it to take longer to conclude. Contact us to hear more on How to Get a Divorce Immediately in Illinois and many other legal services we offer. Call 847-628-8311 to hear more and speak to one of our team members.

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