Family Law Attorney Elgin

Family Law Attorney Elgin

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Navigating successfully through family issues can often be very difficult for all parties. That’s why working with a neutral party to ease communication is so helpful for getting to a fair resolution. If you’re contemplating a divorce or decisions about child custody, mediation could be a practical option for you.

At the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo, our firm helps many Elgin families attain manageable solutions through mediation. As an alternate form of dispute resolution, mediation offers a less stressful setting for talking through important matters like:

-Legal separation.

-Uncontested divorce.

-Maintenance amounts and duration.

-Estate issues affected by a divorce.

-Division of property and debt.

-Parenting time and allocating parental responsibility.

-Parental relocation.

Mediation benefits families and couples who are open to reasonable communication to solve a conflict. If you’re willing to go through your family law matters without pursuing litigation, mediation is likely your best option.

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Generally, mediation occurs in a neutral setting where parties can communicate openly about their issues. Each party may need to meet a few times or even several times to reach agreement.

Once parties reach an agreement, they can then appear in court to finalize it. Unless the court declares otherwise, the details of a divorce agreement through mediation are legally binding and confidential. However, it is very important to have complete understanding of each element of your divorce agreement.

Note than a mediator does not make decisions or suggest one position over another. Rather, they serve as facilitators to help spouses come to a common ground to solve disputes.

To learn more about mediation and whether it may be effective for you, call our law firm today. Besides our mediation services, our law practice areas also include probate, guardianship and estate planning.