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Elgin Guardianship Lawyer

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A guardian, quite simply, is a protector. A guardian serves as point of contact regarding healthcare and other affairs of a minor or a disabled person. Establishing guardianship is often essential because the person who needs care is unable to communicate their needs. The process of setting up and sustaining a guardianship has many stages. To properly establish this legal relationship requires a knowledgeable Elgin Guardianship Lawyer.

At our firm, we direct the guardianship process to assist those under 18 as well as disabled adults. We also serve as court designated counsel for disabled clients. Additionally, we serve as court approved guardian ad litem in many estate and family law cases. It’s our goal to protect and improve the well-being of each Elgin Guardianship Lawyer client we serve.

Frequently, people with concerns about financial exploitation or fraud don’t know where to turn or how to attain justice. Our firm knows that frustration and we respond with quick action to improve poor circumstances for our clients.

Helping Our Clients To Establish Guardianship in Kane County

There are many people who need support in navigating life’s many challenges. For example, a child who loses their parents or an elderly person facing the cruel decline of dementia. The legal system allows for establishing a guardianship for the purpose of managing a minor’s estate. For instance, a guardian directs care for a special needs child or an adult with an impairment or a disability.

Elgin Guardianship Lawyer – 847-628-8311

Obtaining guardianship starts with filing a petition in the county of residence of the child or disabled individual. Then, the court assesses the petition to ensure compliance with the state’s requirements for establishing guardianship. To meet that standard a guardian must:

-Be a legal citizen of the United States who is 18 years of age or older.

-Have no felony convictions involving harm to a minor.

-Mentally competent and not impaired as defined in a court of law.

In addition, it must be demonstrated that the minor or adult in question actually requires a guardian. Family members are not automatically declared as the legal guardian for a minor or for a disabled relative. In every case, the court renders a decision concerning the need for a guardian. Furthermore, a relative may petition the court to be designated guardian or the disabled individual may convey a preference.

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Elgin Guardianship Lawyer Anthony R. Scifo is ready to guide you through the state’s guardianship process. Likewise with other legal procedures, it can sometimes be complex and time-consuming. Certainly, having an experienced lawyer in your corner is important. Whether you’re seeking to establish a guardianship for yourself or a loved one, you’ll benefit by legal representation.

Frequently, cases that involve the elderly, a disabled person or a minor require the assistance of an Elgin Guardianship Lawyer. A lawyer analyzes the circumstances and presents recommendations in a courtroom. Our law firm works in court-appointed roles, assisting clients who need help expressing their thoughts and best interests.

Contact Elgin Guardianship Lawyer Anthony R. Scifo today to set an appointment for a free consultation. We can answer your questions about guardianship or other family law issues. From estate planning and asset recovery to child custody and divorce, we will fight for your rights.

Get answers to your questions about guardianship or other family law issues. For a no-obligation, free consultation call 847-628-8311. Attorney Scifo is a court approved Guardian ad Litem for Family Law Divisions in the counties of Kane, DuPage, Kendall and DeKalb. Additionally, he serves as a court- approved Guardian ad Litem for the Adoption Division and the Probate Division in Kane County.

Besides guardianship and family law, we also specialize in the practice areas of probate and estate planning.