Elgin Asset Recovery Lawyer

Elgin Asset Recovery Lawyer

Elgin Asset Recovery Lawyer – Whether on account of neglect or deliberate mismanagement, the improper handling of an estate’s assets is a serious matter. We recommend the assistance of an lawyer with experience in probate law and probate litigation. If an elderly person owns the estate in question, getting a lawyer with expertise in elder law litigation is simply a must.

The Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo is an established probate litigation firm serving Elgin and the Chicagoland area. Issues relating to probate, probate litigation and elder law litigation are a main focus of our law practice. We examine all aspects of an asset recovery case. Then, we take decisive action to get the very best possible outcomes for our clients.

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Unless there are appropriate safeguards in place, bad management of someone’s assets isn’t necessarily apparent right away. Indeed, poor asset management in some cases becomes apparent only after the estate owner dies. As an Elgin Asset Recovery Lawyer, Anthony R. Scifo is able to take action for your loved one. Our firm employs effective strategies such as issuing a citation to recover assets. This procedure enables us to:

-Locate and account for all the assets in an estate.

-Examine all applicable documents.

-Communicate with finance experts familiar with the estate.

-Set up measures that will protect against additional removal of assets from the estate.

If you suspect deceptive estate dealings, it’s always best to contact us as soon as you can. Please call our Elgin offices at 847-628-8311 to set an initial consultation today. In addition to our expertise in asset recovery, our practice areas include probate and elder law. For example, if you require assistance drafting a will or planning an estate we can help. Contact our offices today.