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Elder Law Crystal Lake

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As loved ones advance into their later years, it becomes essential to set up a strong estate plan. To that end, a proactive approach makes a big difference in planning for financial arrangements and healthcare. By contacting an experienced Elder Law Crystal Lake attorney, the sooner you’ll secure the future for your loved ones. Additionally, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you’re receiving sound legal input for your loved one.

Regardless of whether there is already an estate plan in place, we can assist you in pursuing a practical outcome. Even in the most complicated circumstances, we can help. Our law firm’s considerable experience helps us secure excellent results for multiple clients from all walks of life.

Elder Law Crystal Lake – We Fight Against Financial Abuse By Caregivers

In many cases a healthy bond can form between caregivers and the people they’re assisting. Such a relationship is often a boost for the spirits of an elderly loved one. Particularly if they no longer have mobility or the physical capability to care adequately for themselves. However, there are some caregivers who use that unique relationship to benefit themselves improperly.

Sign of Potential Caregiver Abuses

Unexpected changes to wills or trusts that name a caregiver as a beneficiary should be viewed with thorough scrutiny. Our law firm assists families who suspect the economic exploitation of their mature family members. Our firm handles caregiver financial abuse issues such as:

-Inappropriate use of an elder person’s resources, money or properties. Telltale signs of this include missing cash or the purchase of items your relative would not usually acquire.

-Improper use of estates, trusts or guardianship and misuse of Power of Attorney. (This can apply to caregivers and family members)

Elder Law Attorney

Those whom the court grants power of attorney have a lot of responsibility. For example, they have authority to make health-related and financial decisions on behalf of another individual. Without a doubt, improper use of that authority is forbidden by law. The Adult Protective Services Act establishes processes and agencies to help protect elderly people from harm. We can advise on Elder Law Crystal Lake matters to help families access state resources. Furthermore, this helps them get the legal services they need to address concerns that may arise from suspected elder abuse.

Additionally, the Illinois Domestic Violence Act includes provisions for people who have been fiscally or physical victimized. Contact our firm if your elderly loved one is being pressured into making decisions. The Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo is ready to help you fight for their rights.

Asset Recovery Practice That Gets Results

Issues involving property, finances and valuable assets call for the expertise of an Elder Law Crystal Lake litigation attorney. Our legal team has years of experience managing all actions relating to the following issues:

-Investigating mismanagement of assets.

-Misappropriation of funds by the executor of an estate.

-Improper allocation of assets.

-Breach of fiduciary or trustee duty.

-Fraud and identity theft.

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Call the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo. All discussions are completely private and confidential. By speaking to a legal professional, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of how to proceed in your case. In addition, we can help you develop a plan for helping your loved one.

Besides our expertise in elder law, our firm provides legal services in other areas as well. Our practice areas include family law, divorce, estate planning, probate and guardianship. Also, we represent clients in need of legal help regarding wills and other estate matters.