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Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL

Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL

When a marriage is beginning to come apart, for some couples it is tempting to try and save money and minimize legal expenses by trying to go through a divorce proceeding on their own. (Known as “pro se.”) In some situations this can be a workable decision if both parties agree on how to divide up the assets they share or how to determine parental responsibilities if they have children. However, in the majority of cases, it is far better for each party to seek legal representation.

On this post, we’ll review some of the signs that you should talk to a Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL about representing you in a divorce case.

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1. You and your spouses do not agree on important parental issues.
2. There are significant disagreements on financial matters.
3. You suspect that if you seek a divorce your spouse will intentionally make it difficult for you to do so.
4. During your marriage, you have been subjected to abuse, whether it is physical, mental or emotional.
5. There is a significant power or financial imbalance in between the spouses.
6. Parental plans are a point of contention between you and your spouse.

1. Determining how to be responsible and effective at co-parenting is among the most difficult issues involved when going through divorce proceedings. Naturally, these are emotional matters and can frequently cause delays in divorce cases where spouses are in agreement on most other issues.

Parents who are going to divorce will frequently have a similar view, believing they are the party who is most fit to take on the majority of the decision-making responsibilities. Some may even experience fears regarding what would occur with the children when they’re spending time with the other parent during their scheduled custodial time.

They may have doubts if the other spouse is capable or willing to fulfill the challenges of raising children, especially when they are accustomed to being the main caregiver. These types of questions are common and stem from genuine concern and care for the children’s well-being.

That said, those questions in a divorce can rapidly become accusatory. When there are disagreements on how to approach a specific aspect of parenting, it’s likely the same disagreements may become worse once the divorce process gets underway.

An experienced Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL can provide helpful guidance throughout the process and help you obtain agreements that specifically address your objective.

2. Disagreements on finances. This is understandably another common sign that you should consult with a Divorce Lawyer Geneva IL. After sharing money and other assets for years, a lot of people who are going through divorce don’t know how to start when it comes to addressing finances.

Frequently, parties in a divorce proceeding are not even aware of what each other may have in banking accounts, stocks, retirement accounts, real estate interests or other assets. When the parties do possess an accurate idea of what their spouse has and are in disagreement on how to fairly divide it, the expertise of an experienced Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL is the most effective way to handle the situation. A lawyer can conduct an evaluation of your assets and then present an equitable solution that works for the long term.

Finally, once you have gathered all of the information you’re going to need but just cannot agree with your spouse on how you’ll divide assets, your Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL may choose to take the matter to a hearing and request the court to decide in your favor. An experienced lawyer can assess the relevance of the issues to the case and provide suggestions about how to effectively resolve it.

In a situation where litigating the issue would probably cost more than an asset’s worth, your Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL would likely advise that reaching an agreement is far more favorable to your interests.

If you or your current spouse are contemplating a divorce in the state of Illinois, contact our offices for a consultation.

3. If you choose to end the marriage and file for a divorce, you have concerns that your spouse is going to attempt to punish you for it. Nobody particularly looks forward to the experience of the divorce process. It’s emotional and often a difficult time in people’s lives. If, during the marriage, your spouse has made threatening comments regarding divorce or utilize the process as a means of punishing you, a Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL can help to put an end to those tactics. Without a doubt, this is a sure indication that you’ll need a lawyer.

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4. During your marriage, you have suffered from abuse. Unfortunately, emotional and physical abusiveness still occurs with regularity in modern societies. If you are a victim of any type of abuse from your spouse, a Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL representing you can ask for an order of protection from the court, which will prevent further abuse and can even lead to the removal of the spouse from your residence so they’re not able to harm you any longer.

In some instances, these abusive incidents may also involve or be witnessed by the children in the household. When that is the case, a lawyer can request protection for them against risk of harm from the dangerous party. An experienced Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL can allow you to present your story in court and help you obtain protection.

5. There is an imbalance of resources between the spouses. If you’re in a marital union with a severe difference in financial capabilities, it’s important to hire a Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL to represent your best interests instead of simply allowing your spouse to obtain everything they want while leaving you with far less than you truly deserve.

For instance, if your spouse is employed and earns over $150,000 annually and you work part-time or don’t have a consistent income, it means they have ready access to substantial assets and would be able to overwhelm you with legal filings and paperwork until you’re worn down and agree to what they want. Such situations are not uncommon in Illinois divorces where a party has greater financial resources but the other spouse contributed in other, important ways.

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Contemplating divorce can be a difficult and emotionally challenging time in your life. It’s not easy to know how to start. A lot of people who decide to file for a divorce in Illinois have already been thinking about it for months or even longer
before they actually proceed with talking to a Divorce Lawyer Near Me Geneva IL. This the most essential step you can take for protecting your own interests and your rights.