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Divorce Lawyer Lake In The Hills

Divorce Lawyer Lake In The Hills

It’s not uncommon for someone contemplating getting a divorce to think that contacting a Divorce Lawyer Lake in the Hills IL before deciding to proceed with filing is a bad idea or premature move. The truth, though, is that if you have some concerns and questions about divorce – including whether you really want to get one in the first place – you should take action and consult with an experienced Divorce Lawyer Lake in the Hills IL. There are plenty of good reasons why reaching out to our firm for information about our services can help you with the difficult decision of divorce.

While the path you take will be unique to the specific situation you are in, some of the typical reasons for consulting with an attorney include:

-You are still not certain if divorce would be right in your situation, and you need some more information from a legal professional.
-You are seriously contemplating ending your marriage, but want to get a better understanding of what the first steps are going to be if you choose to proceed.
-You’ve made the decision that you do want to divorce, and you’re ready to move ahead with the initial steps. Or, you’ve been served already with divorce papers, and matters are not in your hands any longer.

If any these scenarios apply to your present circumstances, then now is the time for you to consult with a knowledgeable Divorce Lawyer Lake in the Hills IL. It is usually in your bests interest to take the initiative and make that first move in regards to filing for divorce. There are no advantages in delaying.

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A lot of the work that is involved in proceeding with a divorce is collecting documentation that is an accurate reflection of your financial state as married spouses. This generally entails taking an inventory of marital property. (Which are the assets that you and your spouse have acquired during your marriage.) Some examples of marital assets are:
-Properties you own, such as your house.
-Retirement, savings and investment accounts.
-Your motor vehicles or any recreational vehicles, such as motorcycles, boats and RVs.
-Other items that have value like jewelry, works of art, watches, or collectibles.

The longer the duration of your marriage, assessing and dividing the finances are probably going to be more complex. Your dedicated Divorce Lawyer Lake in the Hills IL will work diligently to compile a comprehensive assessment of your financials and property that will serve as a roadmap for fair distribution of those assets in a divorce.

Divorce Lawyer Lake In The Hills

Other important issues your divorce lawyer can help you navigate include:

-Parenting time schedules and parenting responsibilities.
-Child support responsibilities.
-Spousal maintenance.

You and your spouse will ultimately need to find some common ground on the terms that are applicable to your situation. If not, the court will then make those decisions instead. An experienced divorce lawyer will have the ability and the expertise to help you in negotiating terms that are acceptable to you. Or, to vigorously defend your interests in the event your case should go to trial.

From your financial future to the well-being and support of your children,there’s too much at stake for you to initiate divorce with a legal professional on your side.

The Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo is a trusted local firm, and our team understands the sensitivity of your situation. We are dedicated to helping you a path forward that is best for you and your family. Don’t hesitate to reach us today for assistance.