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Divorce Elgin IL

Divorce Elgin IL

Are you planning to file for divorce or already going through the process? If so, you are certainly not alone: a significant percentage of marriages in Illinois and across the nation eventually end in divorce. Divorce can particularly difficult when there are young children involved. The experience can affect their sense of stability, family and their standard of living.

Even in situations where divorce is the right decision, there’s a change it can negatively impact your child psychologically, academically and emotionally. Many parents may sometimes overlook the detrimental results to their children’s welfare that their divorce may have.

As a concerned parent we understand that you want to do everything you can for the safety and wellness of your child. At our law firm, our Divorce Elgin IL is here to help you understand the custody laws in Illinois, so you’ll be able to prioritize the wellbeing of your children during your divorce. The entire attorney staff at our firm is dedicated to providing support for families so they can go through the transition of divorce successfully.

In order to gain a helpful, basic understanding of child custody laws that will affect your case, there are a pair of primary laws that are applicable. The state law is known as the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, and the federal law is the Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.

Because the legal system and divorce proceedings can get complex, it’s in your interests to seek the counsel of an experienced Divorce Elgin IL lawyer. During the process of divorce, parents may request an emergency or a temporary custody order until a final decision on custody is granted by the court.

These orders can be beneficial because they provide the child some stability during as the divorce is ongoing, particularly in cases where the spouses are having difficulty coming to an agreement. In addition, they’re useful for major changes in the household, such as if one of the parents moves out.

Note that the intention of these custody orders is not to punish one of the spouses. Illinois is known as a no-fault divorce state. Conventional fault grounds like adultery, financial irresponsibility or alcohol abuse, for instance, only factor in child custody laws if it negatively affects the child.

Divorce Elgin IL

Divorce cases can often take quite some time to conclude. A temporary custody order determines the parental responsibilities and scheduling during the divorce. Temporary custody orders do not take effect immediately. They’ll still go through the process of filing the motion and then serving it to the other parent. Next, the court assesses the best interests for the child based upon the evidence each parent presents during the custody hearing.

To minimize potential conflicts that may arise in a child custody disagreement, mediation can be very beneficial during Divorce Elgin IL.

It serves as a means of communication between parents who are having disagreements yet still want to work on finding amicable solutions. Ask your Divorce Elgin IL about mediation and if it may be helpful in your case, There are some situations when a temporary custody arrangement is an appropriate solution. It helps to bring both parties to the discussion table to decide how to allocate parenting time and obligations.

There are also some situations where children might be in an environment that’s not safe, or you’re being treated unfairly. Getting a temporary custody order can help protect your children as well as your parental rights. Do not attempt to navigate your way through these issues on your own! Call our law office and consult with a Divorce Elgin IL lawyer today!