DeKalb Family Law Attorney

DeKalb Family Law Attorney

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One of the main practice areas of most family law firms is the representation of clients in divorce and divorce-related proceedings. But family law is a fairly broad realm and also includes other issues like child custody, foster care, parental visitation and guardianship. Because family law involves matters that are so often personal and emotional for those involved, the assistance of a DeKalb Family Law Attorney is very helpful to protect your interests and those close to you.

Below is a quick look at some of the reasons why people seek the help of a DeKalb Family Law Attorney:

Divorce: Each partner typically hires a lawyer who will help create a settlement plan that avoids the need for a trial. Divorce lawyers help advise on important issues such as division of marital assets, determining spousal support and forming child custody plans. Lawyers serve the interests of their clients going through the divorce process.

Child Custody and Child Support: Court orders and settlement arrangements for both custody and support of children are generally part of the broader divorce proceedings. However, it’s possible to revise plans when situations change. For example, child support terms can change if the non-custodial parent has a change in their finances

Paternity: In many divorce cases, the mother files a paternity case in order to obtain child support from an absentee father. Sometimes, though, a biological father files for paternity to secure a relationship with the child.

Adoption and Foster Care: Adoption is a complicated procedure that can differ with respect to the type of adoption and issues like where the child is from and differences in state laws. Accordingly, it’s very helpful to consult with a DeKalb Family Law attorney.

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Other Practice Areas

Family law frequently overlaps with a wide variety of other areas in the practice of law. As an example, cases of domestic violence or child abuse generally will involve criminal investigations. They may even lead to arrests and criminal charges. It is the role of family courts to decide how to safeguard victims and secure a safe environment for all involved. Other related practice areas include: mediation, probate and estate planning.

Whether you are considering a divorce, need help with child custody issues or have some questions regarding a child support order, it is in your best interests to seek professional help from a DeKalb Family Law attorney. Call our firm for a FREE consultation at 847-628-8311.


When divorcing spouses are not able to reach an agreement regarding one or more issues, mediation is often a very effective solution. It is generally a process that saves time and cost. During a mediation, the disagreeing parties work along with a neutral third party to resolve their disagreements. The mediator serves to facilitate the resolution of the disputes by guiding an exchange of information and facilitating the give-and-take of bargaining. The mediator is there to help the parties reach a common ground and resolve unrealistic demands. Mediators can provide innovative solutions and help draft a final settlement. Their role is to help each party understand concerns and facilitate information. Also, they explain issues and clearly define problems to resolve in order to move forward.

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Mediation is typically done voluntarily. Although in some cases there may be statutes or court orders that mandate spouses take part in mediation. Mediation is relatively common within small claims courts or family courts.

In contrast to litigation, which is where a judge decides, the divorcing parties and a mediator usually control the process. Working together, they decide a schedule and location for mediation and who shall attend. Payment and and how the mediator interacts with each party are also important issues.

After attaining a resolution, agreements in mediation can be either oral or written. Whether or not a mediation agreement is considered binding depends upon the law in specific jurisdictions. But many mediation agreements are viewed as enforceable contracts. In some mediations ordered by the court the agreements become a court judgment. In the event the parties cannot reach agreement, they may choose to pursue their claims in a different forum.

Mediation is frequently viewed as more prompt and less expensive than litigation. It enables the parties to concentrate on the fundamental aspects of their disagreements instead on particular legal matter. Mediation doesn’t center on faults. The issues such as which party is “right or wrong” are usually not as important as resolving disputes. Disputing spouses who are looking for assignment of blame may not be satisfied with mediation.

Terms to Know

Emancipation: A court proceeding in which a minor becomes self-supporting and assumes responsibility for their own welfare. After obtaining emancipation, the minor is no longer the responsibility of the parents.

Marital Property: Property either spouse acquires during the course of a marriage that’s subject to division in a divorce.

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Alimony: Allowance to spouse from the other. Typically during or following legal separation or a divorce.

Prenuptial Agreement: An agreement made between a man and a woman before marrying. They give up future rights to each other’s property in the event of a divorce or death.


A guardian is basically a protector who can serve as single point of contact with respect to finances, health matters and the affairs of minors or disabled individuals. In some situations, guardianship is necessary because the individual who requires care cannot sufficiently communicate their needs. The process of setting up and maintaining a guardianship involves a few stages: a DeKalb Family Law attorney is essential to assure this legal relationship is established correctly.

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At the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo, our team has successfully directed the legal guardianship procedure for children and for disabled adults. We also served as counsel for the disabled and as a court approved guardian in several estate and family law issues. We safeguard and support quality of life of every client we represent. Frequently, people who have concerns regarding fraud, financial exploitation, or abuse may be unsure how to address their circumstances. Our firm empathizes with the frustration this can cause our clients. We respond with prompt action to resolve unfortunate circumstances for the better.

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From a new born baby who has lost their parents to an elderly person battling dementia and the diminishing of the mental acuity, there are many people who need some assistance in navigating through life’s challenges. A guardianship can be formed to manage a Minor’s Estate, care for a special need child, or to assist adults who struggle with disabilities that stop them from being able to care for themselves on a daily basis.

If you are in need of assistance with a divorce, estate planning or a legal guardianship matter, please reach out to our experienced DeKalb Family Law offices today at 847-628-8311 to schedule an initial consultation. Besides our family law expertise, we also practice probate, personal injury and elder law.