Child Custody Lawyer Elgin

Child Custody Lawyer Elgin

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Winning custody of children is of vital importance in divorce cases. To that end, our law firm offers our clients knowledgeable legal representation in this area. We work faithfully to optimize the chances that the legal system will recognize the best interests of our clients.

It’s beneficial to anticipate how the judge in a divorce case will apply that consideration when weighing a case. The Illinois court system recognizes the following aspects when deciding child custody between divorcing parents:

-Beneficial, healthy living arrangements

-Decision-making with regards to education and health care

-Day-to-day necessities such as eating, personal health and hygiene, attending school and additional activities

-If there is potential for the child to become alienated from one or both parents

-Any potential risk of abuse or unsafe conditions

-Insight from guardians ad litem or childcare experts

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The Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo – Child Custody Lawyer Elgin

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Some Basic Information About Child Custody Lawyer Elgin

The state of Illinois identifies two fundamental kinds of child custody: joint custody and sole custody. Joint custody allows for involvement from both parents in the lives of their children. The main benefit is that despite the differences between the parents, priority is placed on the child’s well-being. However, in some cases joint custody can be a source of disagreement. Consequently, it takes a positive effort from both parents to make the arrangement successful. With sole custody, one parent has physical and legal custody of the child. The other parent might have visitation rights but no custodial or major decision making capabilities.

A common misunderstanding with respect to joint custody is that it means equivalent parenting time. In fact, parenting time for the non-custodial parent is generally the same in either joint or sole custody arrangements. Another misconception is that joint custody can prevent the custodial parent from relocating with the children out of state.

A custodial parent is not permitted to do so without agreement from the other parent or a court order. This is regardless of whether the parent who wants to move has joint or sole custody. Furthermore, courts can only award joint custody if such an arrangement serves the best interests of the children at issue.

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In the state of Illinois judges consider the following matters when determining custodial arrangements:

-What kind of custody the parents want

-The wishes of the child

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-The interaction and relationships between the child, parents, siblings and other persons who may possibly affect the child’s best interest

-The child’s relationship with his home, school and community

-The physical and mental wellness of all involved

-If there is physical violence or risk of physical violence by the child’s potential custodian

-The readiness and ability of each parent to have a close, supportive relationship with the other parent and the child

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