Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL

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Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL

Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL

Because of their immense size and the enormous weights that large commercial trucks carry, accidents involving them are among the most hazardous. The consequences can be catastrophic and long-lasting for all parties involved.

At the Law Offices of Anthony R. Scifo, our Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL represents victims of large truck accidents. In addition, we provide representation for surviving family members who have lost a loved one due to a truck accident.

Call 847-628-8311 for a free consultation with a Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL at our firm. (Or use the online contact form to reach us and schedule a consultation.) A Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL can review the merits of your case, supply legal guidance and discuss all the options you may have to gain the financial compensation you damage for the damages you’ve suffered.

Safe Driving Tips to Help Avoid Truck Accidents

A truck accident is undoubtedly one of the more dangerous and sometimes deadliest events that can occur on the roads of Illinois. However, understanding what you can do to minimize the risk of involvement in a truck accident can be very beneficial. Be sure to share these safe driving practices with your loved ones, too.

-Maintain a sufficient following distance whenever you are traveling behind a commercial truck.
-Know the truck driver’s blind spots and why they’re not able to see you if you are traveling beside them or directly behind them.
-Understand the typical causes of truck crashes and how to prevent them.
-Be prepared for worst-case scenarios and know what actions to take in the event that assistance is not readily available when you need it.
-Stay alert whenever sharing the roadways with commercial trucks.
-Travel at or slower than posted speed limits.

It’s critical to keep an adequate distance between your vehicle and theirs whenever you’re sharing the roadway with an 18-wheeler, garbage truck, box truck, cement truck, car-hauler or any type of commercial truck. Doing so will enable you and other motorists to avoid involvement in collisions that could otherwise result in injuries and even fatalities.

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Maintaining constant situational awareness on the road is the most essential strategy for motorists to avoid getting involved in a large truck accident. It’s not possible to predict when an unexpected, sudden event that occurs in a matter of seconds could result in a serious crash. While you’re driving, make it a habit to check out your surroundings for large trucks to help avoid an abrupt turn or lane change in front of one.

Always look at your vehicle’s side-view mirrors to see if any trucks are coming up beside you, particularly before turning or changing lanes. Also, do not drift in front of a truck when it is entering a turn or merging into a lane. Keep aware that large tractor-trailers must make very wide turns in order to safely move through intersections. There are many tight turns that truck drivers must make as they travel in Elgin and other area communities. Watch for tractor- trailers as they execute a turn to ensure you don’t cut them off, which could cause the driver to lose control of the large vehicle.

Truck drivers frequently require much longer to stop and to accelerate in comparison to passenger cars. It is safer to keep greater distances when traveling behind a large truck.

Be Cautious When Driving Near Garbage Trucks

In addition to using extra caution around 18-wheel tractor-trailers, it’s also important to be careful around garbage trucks, too. They make sudden, frequent stops and turns as they proceed along their routes. Try to keep clear of garbage trucks as they turn because it’s difficult to see beyond them and you might accidentally be cut off.

Watch out for any large trucks that may start to back up on the street, especially if you’re on neighborhood lane or a parking lot. These very big vehicles need sufficient time to safely slow down and come to a stop while backing up so they require ample space.

Tips on Recuperating from Truck Accident Injuries – Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL

The steps that a victim of a truck accident takes after suffering mild to major injuries are important and could even be life-saving. Some of the most common injuries that occur from a truck-and-car accident includes:

-Spinal cord damages.
-Traumatic brain injury.
-Damage to internal organs.
-Broken bones and partial fractures.
-Cuts, bruises and lacerations.
-Burns from spilled vehicle fluids.

Along with these significant injuries, people involved in truck accidents also may incur damages like:

-Loss of wages.
-A decrease in the quality of life following an injury.
-The psychological effect an experiencing a traumatic, injurious event.
-Negligence that results in additional injury or death because necessary medical care was not administered immediately following the truck accident.

The major injuries mentioned on this post can cause truck accident victims to go through months or even years of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Not surprisingly, it can take a lot of time and painful effort for victims to recover and resume their lives once again.

If you are hurt in a truck accident, get medical care as soon as possible. If necessary, proceed to an emergency room or urgent care facility immediately. Don’t wait until a later time when it’s possible that your injuries could get worse, increasingly painful or more difficult for doctors to treat.

Next, get in touch with a Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL at 847-628-8311 for a review of your case. An experienced legal professional who has helped people in situations very similar to yours can communicate directly with the trucking companies, the driver and their insurance carrier to obtain compensation for you.

After surviving the trauma of a truck accident, you’ll probably want to consider speaking to a Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL about filing a claim for damages you’ve suffered against the negligent truck driver that caused the crash. Criminal charges in some instances might also be filed, which depends on the conduct of the liable party.

Based on the particular circumstances of a truck accident, it can be very difficult to file a claim for damages against other parties.

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A lawyer with expertise in personal injury claims also helps calculate the precise liability of each party in causing the vehicle accident. This is essential to ensure that you’ll gain the rightful compensation to which you’re entitled.

A Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL that specializes in representing victims of commercial vehicle accidents helps protect their interests and fights for compensation for what they’ve lost in missed work, doctor bills, rehabilitation and physical therapy costs, future loss of earnings and pain and suffering.

Your Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL can negotiate with the insurance carriers involved, collect evidence, interview eyewitnesses to the accident and develop a case that holds the responsible parties accountable.

The specifics of each case can differ, but defendants in trucking accident cases will often involve a negligent driver, the trucking company (or more than one company) the truck accident victim and other parties who suffered an injury.

Truck accidents in the state of Illinois generally fall into the following categories. Each of these accidents can occur for various reasons and result in significant, lasting injuries for all parties involved. A Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL will fight for your rights if you’re struggling to recover from a tractor-trailer collision.

-Jackknifes. This type of incident occurs when road conditions are dangerously icy and the truck’s trailer starts to slide out from behind the cab. In the event the trailer breaks away from the truck it may potentially crush cars or other passenger vehicles close by. Call a Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL right away if you’ve been involved in this type of accident.

-Rollovers. This type of crash can occur when a truck flips over and rolls off the roadway. These accidents are prone to happen when a truck is traveling too quickly to safely negotiate a turn.

-T-Bone. A T-Bone collision often takes place when a truck runs a stop sign or red light and strikes a passenger vehicle on the side.

A knowledgeable Truck Accident Lawyer Elgin IL can conduct a thorough review of the circumstances of your collision case and assess which party was responsible. According to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), the number of collisions that involved large trucks went up by about 13 percent during the late 2010s. That increase is noteworthy and indicates the increase in the number of motor vehicles on the roadways and a rise in congestion.

Information from the FMCSA shows that the following factors are the cause of the majority of large truck accidents:

-Problems with the truck’s braking system.
-Driver going too fast for current road conditions
-Not familiar with the roadways.
-Road conditions.
-Consumption of over-the-counter drugs.
-Insufficient surveillance.
-Driver fatigue, or driver experiencing pressure from their carrier.
-Illegal driving maneuvers.
-Inattention to traffic conditions.

Note that the top factors relate to roadway and weather conditions, which are which are an ongoing challenge for Illinois drivers.

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